UQ Executive Education team

Belinda Pritchard - Director, Executive Education
Pritchard, Ms Belinda

Director, Executive Education

Georgina Duncan - Strategic Partnerships Manager (Practice Lead)
Duncan, Ms Georgina

Strategic Partnerships Manager (Practice Lead)

Megan Fitzgerald - Administrative Assistant
Fitzgerald, Ms Megan

Administrative Assistant

David Gong - Catering and Events Assistant
Gong, Mr David

Catering and Events Assistant

Charlotte Johnson - Client Services Team Leader
Johnson, Mrs Charlotte

Client Services Team Leader

Judy Liu - Industry Engagement Project Manager
Liu, Ms Judy

Industry Engagement Project Manager

Natalie Noriega - Catering & Events Assistant
Noriega, Ms Natalie

Catering & Events Assistant

Xenia Aitken-Smith - Program Services Officer
Aitken-Smith, Ms Xenia

Program Services Officer

Adele Brown - Administration Support
Brown, Ms Adele

Administration Support

Sabine Hurst - Client Engagement Officer
Hurst, Ms Sabine

Client Engagement Officer

Frank Kennedy - Professor of Practice
Kennedy, Professor Frank

Professor of Practice

Erin Mulvey - Industry Engagement Manager
Mulvey, Ms Erin

Industry Engagement Manager

Sasha Osterburg - Program Services Officer
Osterburg, Ms Sasha

Program Services Officer

Wendy Parley - Executive Coordinator
Parley, Ms Wendy

Executive Coordinator

Alex Robertson - Client Relationships Officer
Robertson, Ms Alex

Client Relationships Officer

Sam Russell - Industry Engagement Manager
Russell, Mr Sam

Industry Engagement Manager

Jacqueline Wang - Catering and Events Assistant (Casual)
Wang, Ms Jacqueline

Catering and Events Assistant (Casual)

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