Short courses

August 2017

Lecturn and microphone, ready for presenting.
Start date:
10 Aug 2017
The ability to make an impact is no longer an optional skill for leaders. The need to inform with clarity, to motivate, and to inspire action permeates every aspect of a leader's...
A new leader working at his computer.
Start date:
23 Aug 2017
Moving into a leadership role is one of the biggest steps you will make in your career, and you will need to overcome a number of challenges to make that transition a success....
Sun Tzu’s Art of War - Strategic management masterclass.
Start date:
24 Aug 2017
In a highly volatile, uncertain, complex, competitive and ambiguous world, organisations need to be agile and strategic to compete and survive. Sun Tzu’s Art of War is considered...

September 2017

Professional using a flipchat to design business strategy.
Start date:
13 Sep 2017
Good strategy creates value for customers and captures value for an organisation and its stakeholders. But good strategy does not come from analysis and strategic planning alone....
Female executive on a business phone call.
Start date:
26 Sep 2017
In today’s changing business environment, women need to think in new ways, take diverse perspectives and lead with courage. Leadership for Executive Women is designed to help...