Short courses

July 2017

Start date:
10 Jul 2017
Financial Modelling in Excel bridges the gap between corporate finance theory and practical application. Financial modelling is most often used in corporate finance roles, where...
female leader with team members
Start date:
13 Jul 2017
Price: $5073 (exc GST) The number of female doctors is increasing at a greater rate than the number of male doctors. However, go to a meeting at any college or hospital and see...
Start date:
20 Jul 2017
Price: $925 (exc GST) Managers and team leaders are increasingly required to work cross-organisationally and cross-culturally. Communicating and negotiating in a global business...
Start date:
26 Jul 2017
Price: $1850 (exc GST) Cost management is an increasingly important business function and KPI for managers and supervisors. Finance for Non-Finance Managers is designed for...

August 2017

lecturn and microphone
Start date:
10 Aug 2017
Price: $925 (exc GST) Today, the need to inform with clarity, to motivate, and to inspire action permeates every aspect of a leader's world. The ability to make an impact - on...