Sun Tzu’s Art of War

Sun Tzu’s Art of War - Strategic management masterclass.

In a highly volatile, uncertain, complex, competitive and ambiguous world, organisations need to be agile and strategic to compete and survive.

Sun Tzu’s Art of War is considered to be the ultimate business strategy guide. Its principles aim to enable leaders, their teams, and organisations to know themselves, know their ‘enemy’, and know their terrain. They are widely used to help businesses today sustain a competitive advantage and succeed.

For public and private sector organisations and agencies facing disruptions, entering emerging markets, or fending off competitors, there is always a need to negotiate with multiple stakeholders in order to implement change and influence. Businesses must know how to effectively work in culturally diverse environments, collaborate across the value chain, and establish and sustain a competitive advantage against your competitors.

In this highly interactive masterclass, you will map your organisational environment and strategy, and identify challenges - including those in your industry, and in doing business with Asian companies. Incorporating case study analyses, simulation exercises, and group work, you will learn to build the skills to adapt and apply Art of War tactics to address these challenges, and move towards implementing a strategy that has real impact.

Price: $2100 (exc. GST)

Building your capability through

  • gaining an understanding of Sun Tzu’s 36 Art of War tactics and how they relate to thinking strategically
  • gaining a deeper understanding of yourself as a leader, your organisation, your industry, and your competitors
  • identifying key stakeholders you need to onboard in order to implement change initiatives, especially in private, public, partnership (PPP) arrangements
  • honing your business acumen in Asian markets, competitive markets and emerging markets
  • anticipating and identifying challenges specific to your business and industry
  • strategically applying Art of War tactics when negotiating with suppliers and contractors
  • systematically applying Art of War tactics to identified challenges and preparing strategic actions to sustain competitive business advantage.

Our expert facilitators

Barry O'Sullivan portraitEliza Quek

Eliza is owner of Terrific Mentors International Pte Ltd., and an international HR consultant and executive coach. Eliza has extensive experience in transformational leadership and cross-cultural challenges in both the public and private sector, and a passion for enabling teams to resolve conflicts and enhance performance to ensure seamless and synergistic operation.

As an internal consultant, Eliza has worked for companies including Esso Singapore, Exxon Chemicals and Singapore Press Holdings. She has also worked extensively in the healthcare and finance industries, with past and current clients including Sanofi-Aventis, Roche Diagnostics, Singhealth, Singapore Polyclinics, HSBC, BNP Paribas Malaysia, Deutsche Bank, American Express, and Allianz Asia Pacific.