Leadership for Executive Women course

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Business today is in a state of change, and leaders are constantly facing new challenges. Leaders need to be able to think quickly and in innovative ways, take diverse perspectives, and lead with courage. In many industries, women in leadership roles face the additional challenge of having to work through the proverbial glass ceiling. Executive women continue to be substantially underrepresented in leadership positions, and do not always achieve parity with their male colleagues.

Leadership for Executive Women is a four-day course designed to help women in middle and upper management roles drive change in themselves, their teams, and their workplaces. The course will give you the skills you need to grow and lead in a way that is both personally and professionally rewarding.

With an emphasis on exploring personal values, building a vision, and developing leadership styles, this course will allow you to access new ideas and inspirational ways of thinking about leadership issues. You will also gain insights into women's leadership, influencing models, and the power of a supportive peer network. The course is fully contextualised to address the issues facing women in executive leadership positions.

Participants come from a range of sectors. This allows you to build critical relationships and networks outside of your sector, which is vital to your professional growth and development.

Eligible participants must be female executives with five to ten years of management experience in the public, private or voluntary sectors. Women in senior executive roles are better suited to our Leadership for Senior Executive Women program.

Price: $5273 (exc GST)

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Building your capability through

After completing the course, you will know how to:

  • identify the processes and challenges facing women executives
  • develop your own leadership capabilities and assess the unique situation in your workplace
  • engage in current debates and strategies for women leaders in business
  • formulate practical ideas, models and tools of leadership, which will help you examine your development as a female leader.

You will also have the opportunity to:

  • connect with leading academics and industry leaders who will provide inspirational ways of thinking about leadership issues relevant to female managers
  • meet and mix with successful, influential businesswomen, share insights, compare experiences, and build partnerships and lasting networks.

Our expert facilitators

Professor Polly Parker
Polly is a Professor in leadership and human resource management and Director of Education at UQ Business School. She has established a national and international reputation in the fields of career management and development, peer coaching, leadership development, and human resource development.

Active in the area of women’s leadership and leadership development, Polly was a member of the steering committee and a presenter at CEDA’s inaugural Women in Leadership Program, and delivers UQ Business School Executive Education’s women-leadership courses, including Leadership for Executive Women and Leadership for Senior Executive Women's.

Polly has developed systematic and coherent research programs around the themes of peer coaching, career and leadership development, and intelligent career management. Her research is widely published in leading ERA-A* publications, including Journal of Vocational Behaviour, Journal of Organization Behaviour, Academy of Management Learning and Education.

Polly holds a PhD in business and a Master of Philosophy in career management from The University of Auckland, as well as a diplomas from Christchurch College of Education and Otago University. She is a member of a range of organisations, including the Academy of Management, European Group Organisation Studies, and Australian Human Resources Institute.

Tessa Raeburn

Tessa is the owner of Raeburn Keslake International, a global organisational development agency, boasting a line-up of blue-chip clients, including Mars, Sony, Glaxo Smith Kline, and Coca Cola.

In addition to her work with Raeburn Keslake International, she has held senior leadership positions in Fortune 500 multinationals, including Management and Organisation Manager at 3M and Group Human Resources Director for British American Tobacco, where she had the responsibility for setting human resources strategy for more than 95,000 employees

Tessa holds a Bachelor of Science majoring in occupational psychology from Cardiff University.