Innovation Leadership course

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Innovation is a fundamental source of competitive advantage and a critical strategic lever of organisational change. Innovation is a dynamic, complex, and open process, involving many players and parts of an organisation, which can empower organisations to transform their culture, processes, products, systems, and people. Innovative organisations are more able to respond to shifting workplace dynamics, customer expectations, or technological advances. They are also better placed to adapt to random and unpredictable events.

Innovation must be managed. Unfortunately, many leaders do not have a sound understanding of the innovation process, or how to manage the innovation process within their teams, or throughout their organisation.

Innovation Leadership is a five-day course designed to equip you with the skills necessary to lead innovation for sustainable competitive advantage. The course, facilitated by leading innovation experts, is built around international best practice and will expose you to new ideas, perspectives and ways of thinking about innovation leadership.

Innovation Leadership can also be taken as part of the Graduate Certificate in Executive Leadership (GCEL).

Price: $5540 (inc. GST)

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Building your capability through

After completing the course, you will know how to:

  • understand the critical strategic importance of innovation for all organisations
  • demonstrate awareness of the strategic and operational managerial frameworks and tools necessary for innovation leadership
  • develop your own innovation leadership capabilities and assess the unique situation in your workplace
  • analyse current problems in your workplace and identify possibilities for development in your own context
  • measure and assess the real returns of innovation leadership.

Our expert facilitators

Dr Sarel Gronum

Sarel is an expert in entrepreneurship and strategy, with a focus on creating sustainable business change and performance. He is an innovation and entrepreneurship lecturer at UQ Business School, and the founder and former CEO of Labour-Pro CC, a consulting firm that focuses on strategic advisory services, executive training, and legal labour disputes and negations.

He has a passion for developing high-impact research and education material. He teaches and advises corporate and public sector organisations on innovation and entrepreneurship topics, both in Australia and abroad. Among other roles, he has consulted and lectured in Nepal, Pakistan, and across Europe. He has published on innovation, network practices, and business model design, and presented at several national and international conferences on these topics.

Sarel holds a number of academic qualifications, including a PhD in business strategy from The University of Queensland, a Bachelor of Commerce (Business Management) from the University of South Africa, and a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education from North-West University.