Finance for Non-Finance Managers course

Non-Finance Professional Learning Accounting & Finance

Team Leaders, operations managers, senior executives and board members know how important accounting information is as a performance indicator and measure of their financial management.  The need to understand and speak ‘the language of business’ is crucial in these roles.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers is a two-day course for managers and aspiring managers with no formal accounting or finance qualifications.
The course demystifies accounting and finance by providing practical understanding of financial management including basic tools, techniques and terminology. Content includes accounting conventions and interpreting financial statements, investigating financial performance using comparative analysis and ratios (including ROI), costing and pricing, the basics of budgeting and variance analysis, investment decisions (including discounting), and financial decision-making.

Real world business anecdotes and examples make the accounting and finance theory more relevant by engaging participants in case studies, group activities, and practical exercises to develop their learning and reinforce how to apply their learning in the workplace and other settings where financial skills are required.

Price: $1850 (exc. GST)

Terms and Conditions

Building your capability through

After completing the Finance for Non-Finance Managers course, you will:

  • better understand accounting and finance terminology and conventions
  • be better placed to make informed financial decisions
  • be more effective at developing and managing your budget
  • know what to look for when analysing financial statements and determining performance
  • be able to apply tools, techniques and methodologies to improve financial outcomes

Our expert facilitators

Sandra Lazzarini 

Sandra Lazzarini is a lecturer in the Accounting and Accountability Cluster within the UQ Business School and is Program Director for the Bachelor of Commerce. Sandra’s primary interests lie in the field of managerial accounting, particularly costing, and performance evaluation and improvement as well as in education in commerce. She has over 20 years of experience lecturing in Queensland universities and has received teaching awards from UQBS. She has worked within government, externally consulted, and has provided courses in accounting and finance to external organisations. 

Networking opportunities

Finance for Non-Finance Managers is designed for non-finance executives, including operational managers, functional managers, general managers and board members, or anyone who wants to develop an understanding of cost management, accounting, and finance, and to integrate finance into their decision-making processes.