Advanced Presentation Skills course

Advanced Presentation Skills Short Course

“Presentation literacy is a core skill for the 21st century”, Chris Anderson – CEO of TED Talks.

The ability to make an impact is no longer an optional skill for leaders. The need to inform with clarity, to motivate, and to inspire action permeates every aspect of a leader’s world. Whether you are presenting a business case, interviewing for a promotion, selling a product, or delivering a keynote address, presenting with confidence and impact is a core skill and will benefit you both personally and professionally.

Advanced Presentation Skills is a one-day course, designed to teach you the skill of presenting, not just the knowledge behind it. Knowing what to say and how to present are essential, but only by understanding the skill of delivery will you have the greatest impact.

The course combines leading theory, coaching, and acting elements to create an in-depth learning experience. Each skill you learn will be demonstrated and explained, and then you will have the chance to practice the skill yourself. While active and engaging, you will not be required to improvise or role-play during the course. Instead, the focus is on developing planning tools and tactics, and locking in presentation "muscle memory" for practical scenarios you encounter in your organisation.

Who should attend?
Advanced Presentation Skills is designed for anyone who aspires to making better presentations, anyone whose role increasingly requires them to make better presentations, and anyone whose performance reviews have identified a need to improve presenting skills. The only prerequisite is that you are planning for upcoming presentations. Everyone, from a newly appointed executive through to an experienced presenter will gain an extra performance edge from this course – an edge that others will notice.

Price: $925 (exc. GST)

Terms and Conditions

Building your capability through

After completing the course, you will know how to:

  • replace any fear of public speaking with excitement
  • develop powerful scripts and compelling stories
  • develop your 'elevator speech' and value proposition
  • use voice variation and projection techniques
  • add essential interest and variety, regardless of the level of technical content, into your presentation
  • handle Q&A sessions and convert obstacles into opportunities
  • adjust for different audiences
  • plan for audience interactivity
  • develop specialist presentations for strategy and vision
  • improve your use of PowerPoint, and be aware of common tips and traps.

Our expert facilitators

Barry O'Sullivan portrait

Barry O'Sullivan

Barry is a former Senior Partner at KPMG, and is the owner of leadership coaching company Sustainable Change. He has been a leadership coach for more than 15 years, and in this role delivers leadership skills workshops, performance coaching, and executive presentation skills training.

As an alumnus of The Actors Conservatory, Barry has developed a unique coaching methodology, which brings together business knowledge, coaching, acting, performance, and personality type insights.

Barry has coached more than 500 leaders and executives across the world. He has readied teams and individuals for pitches to leadership groups, to present at major conferences, and to deliver TED talks, including at the prestigious annual TED event in Edinburgh.

Barry is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (FCA) and Officer in the Order of St John (OBStJ).

Networking opportunities

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