Professional development courses

UQ Business School's interactive learning model uses a combination of cutting-edge research, case studies, presentations, team work, simulations, guest speakers and experiential learning to give you a fresh perspective on contemporary management and leadership issues.

August 2018

Advanced Presentation Skills Short Course
Start date:
28 Aug 2018
“Presentation literacy is a core skill for the 21st century”, Chris Anderson – CEO of TED Talks. The ability to make an impact is no longer an optional skill for leaders. The need...

September 2018

Light Bulb Representing Business Operations Design
Start date:
03 Sep 2018
Operations Design aims to further your understanding of operations and process design within differing types of organisations, ranging from those that are service-based to those...
Professional Using Chart To Design Business Strategy
Start date:
04 Sep 2018
Good strategy creates value for customers and captures value for an organisation and its stakeholders. But good strategy does not come from analysis and strategic planning alone....
A Facilitator Presenting A Course On Improving Negotiation Skills
Start date:
06 Sep 2018
More and more, managers and leaders are required to work cross-organisationally and cross-culturally, and it’s not always easy. Communicating and negotiating in a global business...
Female Executive On Business Phone Call
Start date:
11 Sep 2018
Business today is in a state of change, and leaders are constantly facing new challenges. Leaders need to be able to think quickly and in innovative ways, take diverse...