Symposium inspires collaboration for the future of health

On Wednesday, 28 February, UQ Executive Education held its inaugural industry symposium, Health Symposium: challenging the future of health. The forum focused on four areas, which were determined by industry and academia as key to the future success of the health industry – digital hospitals, telehealth, co-creation of health and managing organisational changes.

The Symposium saw UQ academics and industry professionals present their health research insights and experience into these topics, and importantly, provided an opportunity for them to discuss how, together, they could help shape the future of health services.

The opening plenary featured Cameron Ballantine from Metro South Health, Donna Bonney from Mater Education, Dr Alex Chaudhuri from Prince Charles Hospital, Professor Claire Wainwright from Lady Cilento Children's Hospital, and Dan Harradine from KPMG. The panel set the scene for the day – each sharing what they perceived to be the most pressing issues facing the Australian health industry now, and those that we will have to address going forward.

"The current bricks and mortar approach to delivering healthcare is unsustainable," said Mr Ballantine.

While Donna Bonney commented on the challenge of a changing workplace and workforce. "We need a digital ready workforce, and a workplace culture that is accepting of change," she said. 

The panel raised other questions around:

  • funding (where from and how?)
  • measuring outcomes
  • data (many frontline personnel don’t know how to access it)
  • education and training (personnel must also learn how to use data effectively)
  • the patient (how does a more informed patient change the way we execute healthcare?).

Concurrent sessions delved into these areas, as participants heard from those with firsthand experience and research expertise in consumer-driven health models, managing workplace change, e-health and remote and regional health, among other topics. In afternoon working groups, they had the chance to further engage and discuss possible solutions to challenges, and share their professional experiences.

Rounding out with a final session looking at ‘Where to from here?', panelists Tami Photinos from Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Professor Len Gray from UQ and Dr David Rosengren from Metro North Hospital and Health Services, looked to the future. Among conclusions, they highlighted that the health industry will require closer partnerships with patients in the future – asking more questions and listening, not assuming. It will also require changes to, and acceptance of, the hierarchy created by the industry – doing away with anchoring of individual roles and responsibilities to increasingly hybrid and shared skills models.

UQ Executive Education is currently developing the next industry symposium, which will center on the tourism industry. To learn more, contact the team at execed@business.uq.edu.au

To view the Twitter feed from the Health Symposium, visit @UQBSExecEd. 

Symposium participants in the 'future of digital health' workshop

Health Symposium participants in the 'future of digital health' workshop.