Alumni spotlight: Katrina Tune

Katrina Tune is Corporate Partnerships Manager for Healthcert International (HCI). When she enrolled in our Leadership for Executive Women program in 2011, she was unsure about her decision.

“At the time I had already been working in senior management roles for over six years,” Katrina said.

“I felt I was aware of the differences between men and women’s leadership styles, and that sometimes women are treated differently by male and female colleagues.

“So I wasn’t sure what else I could learn in a women-only leadership program.


“How wrong I was! This course literally changed my life."

Katrina credits program facilitators and attendees as key to making the program a defining life experience.

“The facilitators, Tessa and Polly, bring with them a wealth of experience from industry and academia.

"They have a way of delivering the program in a way that is relatable and engaging - where women from a range of professions, industries, and backgrounds – can candidly explore their leadership styles, personal preferences and unique strengths.”

“It enabled us to share some of our career challenges and triumphs and the personal experiences that had led us to where we each were.”

This dialogue helped Katrina realise that despite the distinct journeys each participant had taken, and the varied personalities within the room, each had many shared experiences and had felt self-doubt or diminished value in the workplace at some point.

“I felt a self-assurance that I never had before,” Katrina said.


Katrina said she left the program with a greater understanding of her own leadership style, and the importance of authentic leadership.

“Since completing the program I have spent less time second guessing myself and over analysing my decisions, and more time trusting my ability, instinct, and judgement.”

“I have found that there is a beautiful freedom around decision making, and the consequences of those decisions, when you know that you are leading authentically, with the wellbeing of your organisation, and your team at the core.”

Katrina has taken on a number of leadership roles in Brisbane since attending Leadership for Executive Women. She put steps in place to establish a work life balance, and sought out career opportunities that aligned with her passions and professional strengths.

In her current role at HCI, she is responsible for corporate and university partnerships, and their charity arm, the Skin Cancer Institute.

“I find myself drawing back on my learnings from the program all the time, especially when I start to doubt myself or question my ability,” she says.

“The network I developed in the program continues to be a source of inspiration as my career develops.

“To this day I still feel the support of Tessa, Polly, and my program colleagues driving me forward and willing me to succeed.”


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Katrina Tune, Leadership for Executive Women alumnus.

“I felt a self-assurance that I never had before."
Katrina Tune, Leadership for Executive Women alumnus.