Customised training programs for organisations

Partnering with UQ Business School Executive Education gives your organisation access to thought leadership in management, best practice in execution and high impact results.

We have been providing quality customised executive education since 2004. Examples of programs and our resulting ongoing training relationships with clients include:

  • An eight year partnership with Telecom NZ to deliver a Senior Leadership Development Program covering topics of leading self, leading people, leading the business, building culture, and leading transformation and change.
  • A fifteen day fully interpreted immersion program in Australia for managers from across the State Bank of Vietnam covering various immersion events plus modules in marketing and leadership skills, organisation management and development, financial stability, central bank governance and policy communication.
  • A global immersion program for Tsinghua University to provide insight into Australia’s key economic sectors. The program includes linkages to some government sectors related to investment, globalisation, and leading business companies in the specific areas related to their program topics.
  • A customised personal leadership journey development program for Vale. This program was developed in Brazil, and after investigation by Vale across Australia of potential providers, it was decided that it would be delivered by UQ Business School in their Singapore, Oman and Australian offices.
  • A Women in Leadership Program for Thiess Australia. This program was a five day residential program (3+2) that was part of Thiess’ diversity agenda to assist female managers to lead in a male dominated engineering organisation and industry.

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Customised training programs for organisations